About Virago Strength & Training...


My mission is to empower you by leading you on a journey to strengthen your body and mind. By fine-tuning basic bodyweight movements and refining weak movement patterns, we ensure safety at the most rudimentary level. Mobility is incorporated into every session to ensure healthy joints and strengthen lost ranges of motion. Start by mastering fundamental movements that will enhance your coordination, balance and overall form. Then you will have the skills to safely maneuver unconventional tools like the steel mace, kettlebells, sandbags, battleropes, steel clubs and more. Virago Strength & Training provides a workout program for people at any age, any size or any fitness level. Learn to challenge yourself and live a better life. Feel stronger, more confident and embrace your body!


Meet your fitness coach

I am a Fitness Coach with a passion for teaching people to strengthen their bodies through mindful movements to safely help them reach their goals.  Learning through bodyweight movements then progressing to more complex training, my goal is to give you a greater understanding of your body and its mechanics.


I am a Steel Mace Specialist, Steel Mace Yoga Coach, an FRC Mobility Specialist, a certified Onnit Academy Trainer and a yoga enthusiast.  My passion is to get people moving and empower them through their accomplishments.  By improving past injuries, correcting movement patterns and strengthening joint/tissue ranges of motion, I coach my clients to exceed their limitations and radiate strength.