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100 Burpees a Day for 30 Days!

Exactly! Sounds crazy, right? At first it sounds ridiculous, impossible and your brain just wants to shut it out because it's so absurd! But if you actually take a second to think about the benefits, you may consider it.

Burpees put every single muscle in your body to work. They spike your heart rate like you're sprinting from a tiger. They increase your lung capacity, improving your cardiovascular fitness. Burpees not only improve your balance and coordination, they're one of the best functional exercises you can do. You begin to stand a little taller and perform your daily activities with a little more ease.

Another major plus is that burpees are one of the most effective exercise to help you lose weight, especially getting rid of that stubborn muffin top! Since they are a high intensity exercise, they'll have you burning calories long after your workout is over. That is, if you do the 100 burpees in a short time span, as a workout. If sets are divided throughout the day, the results are not going to be the same.

So what is a good way to tackle this? I have seen many detailed strategies, day-by-day breakdowns, using precise and safe calculations. I think these plans are a great way to go if they work for you. In my experience, I find doing sets of 10 and allowing my heart rate to come down a bit before the next set is best. After about a week in, you start to feel victory as you witness the time decrease between sets as your cardiovascular endurance improves and your muscles strengthen. Timing yourself each day is a great way to track your progress. You will be blown away by the difference in 30 days!

Which burpee is best? Depending on your level of fitness, choose the burpee variation that is right for you. I tell my clients, you have to listen to what your body says to you. That conversation between you and your body takes precedence over any other factor. Ego has no place to comment! So chose what feels right and progress as you feel ready.

Most basic burpee: lower to squat, plant the hands, step/jump to plank, step/jump back to squat, stand.

Progression: add a push-up in the plank and/or add a jump back to stand. This is the crossfit version seen most.

As the days pass, there are plenty of ways to add fun progressions using bodyweight or equipment. Adding a box jump, holding a dumbbell or cleaning a sandbag...the combinations are endless. Get creative and have fun with it!

My best advice for getting through this (or anything actually) is to make sure you get in a pattern with your breath. Each movement should have an inhale or exhale. Without this awareness, completing 100 burpees will be torturous, and probably quite dangerous. So keep breathing!


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