I had been gym hopping for years but when I found Virago, it changed my life. I have never felt stronger and more importantly never trusted or respected a trainer like Jaime. She not only cares about strengthening, toning and teaching you good form, she truly cares about you as a person. I finally found my gym "home" when I found her. Beyond Jaime's expertise, the classes are extraordinary. She provides variety and gives modifications to heighten the challenge or reduce the impact. I guarantee if you try her you will not be disappointed!

Trish Morales


Trainer, turned trusted friend, turned spiritual support system - I cannot say enough about Jaime. Not only have I worked with her, my whole family has! Her workouts are diverse consisting of HIIT workouts, yoga and breathwork, mobility training, boxing and the steel mace. She puts a lot of effort into teaching you how to move your body in the safest possible way. You can tell her true passion is giving back. She looks at her clients as whole beings - mind, body and soul. She has been the most positive and influential female role model in my daughters lives and my own. There truly is NO ONE like her!

Jacqueline Rabinowitz


Jaime is an amazing trainer. I've been working with her for over 4 years. Jaime is inspiring, creative and works closely with me to manage any injuries. She pushes me to be my personal best. She does all of this while maintaining a fun atmosphere that makes you look forward to your workout! (She also keeps her gym squeaky clean!)

Kathy Steinman

Jaime is an awesome trainer, coach and friend. I was searching for someone to teach me the mace, but it turned out to be so much more. At 60, I walked into her studio overweight, very limited mobility and joint issues. Her classes are challenging, but we all work at our own level. She is extremely knowledgable and very patient and great with alternatives on the fly. She goes out of her way to answer all my questions and no two classes are ever the same. Since I started 2 years ago, I have lost 15lbs, I am regaining muscle mass and drastically have improved my mobility. 

Bottom line: If you want to get in shape and be challenged, Jaime is the trainer. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Lenny Sorbara